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Pan Arab Union For Peace

Reverse of Prayer Card

Right can and will triumph over might.
End the zionist cabal against the Arab Nation.
No amount of 'firepower'
 -- human or otherwise --
      can legitimate
the criminal assault on Iraq.
There IS a legitimate government of Iraq --
     Sabawi/Saddam and the Ba'ath Party.
A JUST PEACE -- A U D A -- a successful insurgency.
Mujahadeen -- God's Holy Warriors.
Saint Saddam -- Martyr -- Patron Saint of Palestine.
"Until Palestine is restored
we are ALL Palestinians." PAUP
"There will be no peace
in the Middle East
   Palestine is restored." 
-- Vanessa Redgrave 1980
"Let me say a few words
to America
-- America shall not live in peace
until peace reigns in Palestine."
Osama bin Laden, post9/11